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Covid-19 Care Initiatives

Pandemic created unprecedented times for the entire world. Multi-dimensional impact of COVID-19, has made all of us think of innovative solutions to face the ongoing challenges. Entire society has come forward to support and respond to the pandemic together.

Ongoing Initiatives

Recent Updates

As India battles the 2nd wave of COVID-19, we are witnessing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. All of us have been affected by this onslaught directly or indirectly. It’s heart wrenching and while the struggles of the national capital and the big cities are the most prominent, the state of affairs in the country’s rural areas is even more dire. This fundraising campaign intends to address acute medicine shortage in some of these identified rural areas. We are adding more rural areas and the demand has gone up from our initial 17000 medical kits to 35000 medical kits. We will keep on adding the the demand as we receive them. We understand that you have support different campaigns, we request you to support this as well where the fight is of survival.

Please see our updates on the below link. The summary of the same is –

In total 14000 kits+ 40 Oxymeters + 200 N95 Masks+ 4 boxes of gloves have been shipped so far
Rest 3000 kits we will be shipping to Sonipat, Haryana (1500 kits), and Nadia, West Bengal (1500 kits)