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SEE Pune - Rural Livelihoods

Concluded on 15th June 2019

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About Rural Livelihoods

Conference focusing on Opportunities in Rural India – Disruptive Ideas, Technologies, Processes to increase incomes in Rural Areas

Rural India is where most of India lives! Aspirations of people from rural India have been fuelled by their exposure and the comparatively better infrastructure and the availability of jobs in the cities. How can entrepreneurs devise Products and Services, Community/HR models and Financial models to build viable businesses for Rural India? Can entrepreneurs produce quality products in rural areas and link them effectively with local, regional and global markets?

What are the opportunities to increase quality, productivity and create market linkages for Farm and Off-Farm products made in the villages of India?

With a focus on STARTUP INDIA, MAKE IN INDIA what are the opportunities to provide cost-effective solutions for and from Bharat? How can entrepreneurs help increase rural incomes – through Farm and Off-Farm products while they work with the rural community sensibilities and traditional work ethos?
SEE-Pune Conference gets together practitioners, best practices, and success stories to discuss opportunities and solutions – that will help increase Rural Incomes!

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